Welcome to www.thegoldenskateboard.com! We are a family business, with a passion for stealing reviews about the best skateboard products in the world.

Whether it’s a great new skateboard you’re looking for or a new wheel – we all have the information you want!

Who are we?

My name is Kevin, my wife Miranda, our lovely children Jack (12) and Emily (9) are an active family. My wife and I meet through a skateboards group and we teach our children about skateboards. Currently, we all know how to play skateboards and it really is an exciting sport combined with exercise. With many years of experience in this field, we have useful information to share with you. Always keep in mind that skateboards will make your life better, in a way!

We know that the Internet is a pretty hard place to find and buy a product – especially when you can’t touch it. When we type keywords in Google, there will be many results that will immediately appear, different people own different ideas. But it seems all of them are reasonable, and then we make mistakes. That’s why all our reviews are written in the simplest way to help you make the quickest and best decision. First, we will have articles about potential products, and their features. Next, we have user guides and settings for each skateboard product. Our reviews come from many years of extensive knowledge.

When your kids ask you a new skateboard to buy for their birthday, how do you know which one will be the most suitable? There are many options, some will be good, some will be very good, and some will be bad. We help you limit your options by using different levels of money, your current level (beginner, semi-professional, and professional), and more.

Honestly, the reviews are really not reliable. We wanted to give up, but when we received many compliments from users, that encouraged us. So we decided to continue, in this way I hope to help more people.

Our difference is that we use products that we review. We look at them on different angles, and on real experiences. If you’re reading an article about our new skateboards, I’m sure we’ve used it a few days ago.
We would love to hear from you or anyone who wants to evaluate skateboards. So if you want to share information about a skateboard product, please inbox for us!