How Much Does a Decent Skateboard Cost?

Interested in skateboarding? You might ask yourself, “How much does a decent skateboard cost?” I mean, it’s a legit question considering the fact that you are an absolute beginner.

Today I’d be going to answer this question in detail. Adding to that, I’d also highlight the things you must consider before purchasing a skateboard.

So, sit tight! Give this article a thorough read, and I’m sure you’d benefit yourself a lot if it’s the first time you are about to purchase a skateboard.

How Much Does a Beginner Skateboard Cost?

I’d be straightforward with you. If you are an absolute beginner to skateboarding, then you should keep at least $50 in your pocket.

That said, skateboards designed for beginners have a price range of around $50 to $100 depending upon several factors.

Mind you that I’m talking about simplicity here and not anything stylish. Having at least $100 would be a plus if you need style and performance at the same time.

What to Consider in a Skateboard if You are a Beginner?

As an amateur skateboarder, I know how hard it was to choose a skateboard back in the days.

I don’t want you guys to go through same headache. Therefore, before you purchase your first skateboard, don’t forget to check the following things in them:

Shop Locally

Shopping for a skateboard locally has its own advantages. First of all, you can actually feel the first impressions of the board that’s attracting you. Secondly, local shop owners work as a guideline and can help you find your ideal board.

Finally, by shopping locally, you’d actually get to know the local neighborhood practicing skateboarding. You’d thus be more involved this way.

Quality Above All:

For quality insurance, make sure that the skateboard you are looking for is made up of durable materials. For instance, a sturdy board comes with a 7-play maple wood construction.

On the contrary, the trucks of the board must be made up of premium quality materials, i.e. aluminum or steel alloy.

This way you can practice the art of jumps and hoops with your friends without worrying about the physical condition of your skateboard for a long time.

Pay Great Heed Towards the Wheels:

The wheels of a skateboard is what ensures either a smooth ride or a rough one.
That said, in order to move around with smoothness, you should make sure that the wheels of the board aren’t fragile.

For that purpose, first of all, check out the overall construction of the wheels. Other than that, there must be shock-absorptive properties in the wheels to absorb the immense jumping with ease.

Getting Excited?

Well, I know that after knowing the initial cost of a skateboard, you’d be pretty much pumped up to make your first purchase.

Just keep all the necessary points that I’ve mentioned above in your mind and I hope that you’d get yourself the best skateboard available in the market.

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